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Rights of Nature Law and Policy

“Water is Us” – This Time on Webinar Wednesday… by Oregon Community Rights Network (ORCRN) 2-2023

Rights of Nature (RON) Workshop by CELDF 6-2022

“Emancipating Nature: Securing Legal Rights for Ecosystems”

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Facebook Recording

Zoom Recording Passcode: HazvL0@L

Presentation “Watershed Health through Understanding: an Overview of Physical Processes and Interconnectivity Within Drainage Basins” 8-2021

Zoom Recording of the Presentation Pass Code: YbIa6*Y

Facebook Recoding of the Presentation

Watch the Path of a Raindrop from anywhere in the contiguous United States.

A Workshop by the Community Environmental Legal Defence Fund (CELDF) 9-2021

“Preemption as a Lethal Weapon: How Corporations and Government are Deliberately Destroying Communities and Nature”

Zoom Recording of the Workshop Pass Code: VY14NLs*

Facebook Recording of the Workshop

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Watersheds, WaterMatters TV 10:59 min.

Giant Rooks, Watershed 3:39 min

SVENA Chemical Spraying page

The Poison Papers

Eco-friendly Products and Practices

Watershed Maps

The People vs. Agent Orange documentary

Invisible Hand documentary

Fast Fact Friday Videos

Fast Fact Friday: Community Rights – 2:56 min.

Fast Fact Friday: Box of Allowable Activism – 3:20 min.

Fast Fact Friday: Rights of Nature – 2:15 min.

Fast Fact Friday: Dillon’s Rule – 3:53 min.

Fast Fact Friday: Preemption – 4:38 min.

Fast Fact Friday: Regulatory Fallacy – 4:03

Fast Fact Friday: Right to Survive – 4:46 min.

Fast Fact Friday: Corporate Constitutional Rights – 6:08 min.

Fast Fact Friday: Chemical Trespass – 6:33 min.

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