We are working on healthier communities, watersheds and ecosystems of the Snohomish County, on improving our safety and quality of life, and on community and nature rights.

  • Pesticide Spraying 2022 and Safety Workshop
    Please share: On May 26 at 7 pm, Gold Bar Community Rights (GBCR) will host an online information workshop about pesticide spraying 2022 on local industrial tree plantations in the Skykomish River Watershed and safety for residents and communities. We will discuss spraying practices, chemicals, documents, drift and what we can do to have a safer and healthier community and ecosystem.
  • Rights of Nature (RON) Workshop by CELDF
    Please share: On June 9 at 6 pm, Snohomish County Community Rights (SCCR) will host an online Rights of Nature (RON) workshop by the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) “Emancipating Nature: Securing legal rights for ecosystems”. The workshop will cover the following: > What is rights of nature? > Where did it come from? > Current status and highlight moments. > The good, the bad, and the ugly – the need to protect rights of nature principles. > The horizon for rights of nature laws.
  • Kids Are the Most Sensitive to Toxics
    Please share: pregnant women, babies and young children are the most sensitive to toxic chemicals for home, lawn and yard care. So are pets, domestic animals and wild life. Pesticides drift in air and water contaminating entire watersheds and neighborhoods. We encourage you to use alternative methods for healthier family, community, ecosystem and watershed.
  • Rights of Nature Law and Policy
    Work on including Rights of Nature in constitutions, national statutes, and local laws has been done internationally for decades. “Rights of Nature Law and Policy” page at the Harmony and Nature United Nations has a comprehensive list of events. “The law has seen the beginning of an evolution toward recognition of the inherent rights of Nature to exist, thrive and evolve. This evolving legal approach acknowledges that the traditional environmental regulatory systems generally described herein regard nature as property to be used for human benefit, rather than a rights-bearing partner with which humanity has co-evolved. Rights of Nature is grounded in the recognition that humankind and Nature share a fundamental, non-anthropocentric relationship given our shared existence on this planet, and it creates guidance for actions that respect this relationship.”
  • Rocky the Eco-dog
    This is Rocky the eco-dog. Rocky does not like animal abuse, trash and toxic chemicals. Rocky was twice at an emergency vet clinic after toxic sprays near his home. Pesticides drift in air and water and contaminate entire watersheds and neighborhoods. Please reduce, reuse, recycle and use alternative methods for pesticides and other home, yard and lawn chemicals. Eco-friendly Products and Practices:
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