No-toxics Spring 2023 and Community Rights

Spring is around the corner! 

You might very well know that yard and home toxics damage the health of you, your family, community and watershed. The Poison Papers have proof how the chemical industry and regulators hide toxicity information from the public. 

Beside consuming vast resources and energy, the chemical industry uses the consumer and agriculture sectors for making its highest profits at the expense of environmental and community health. This is only one part in a big complicated interconnected knot of problems in the system created by industry and corporations. 

Snohomish County Community Rights (SCCR) was created in response to the urgency of climate and ecological crises and government failure to respond to them. The mission of SCCR is to work towards connecting and empowering communities in the pursuit of local democratic self-determination in matters of their fundamental rights, their natural environment, their quality of life, health and safety.

In this system, dominated and undermined by corporations, that at the same time legally protects them on federal, state and local level, local democratic self-determination is the act of passing laws by popular vote. For municipalities, it is by citizens’ pressure in most cases.

The big question is “What will it take to connect and empower our communities in the pursuit and enforcement of laws that protect them, Community Rights Laws such as one below?”.

Communities have awesome power. We all want more grassroots democracy. Here is an opportunity. Please share your thoughts with us and use healthier alternatives to toxics for yard and home.

A Template for the Watershed Protection Law, Municipalities and Counties of Washington State
The Poison Papers 
Eco-friendly Products and Practices
Pesticide Factsheets
Kids Are the Most Sensitive to Toxics
Web Post

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