Plans to mine Ecuador forest violate rights of nature, court rules

Ecuador’s highest court has ruled that plans to mine for copper and gold in a protected cloud forest are unconstitutional and violate the rights of nature.

In a landmark ruling, the constitutional court of Ecuador decided that mining permits issued in Los Cedros, a protected area in the north-west of the country, would harm the biodiversity of the forest, which is home to spectacled bears, endangered frogs, dozens of rare orchid species and the brown-headed spider monkey, one of the world’s rarest primates.

Environmental Grief, Ecocide and the Rights of Nature

On November 12, 6 pm at the SCCR quarterly meeting, Dr. Kriss Kevorkian will have a presentation “Environmental Grief, Ecocide and the Rights of Nature”.

Dr. Kevorkian will discuss how her research in environmental grief led her to discover the healing that comes with taking action to save our Mother. This unique form of grief is as much a paradigm shift in mental health as the rights of Nature are in the law.

September 9 at 6:30 pm, Preemption Workshop by CELDF

On Thursday, September 9 at 6:30 pm, please join us for a workshop by the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) “Preemption as a Lethal Weapon: How Corporations and Government are Deliberately Destroying Communities and Nature”. We will record and broadcast this event on Facebook Live.

August 13, 6 pm SCCR Quarterly Zoom Meeting and Presentation

We are inviting you to join us for the SCCR quarterly Zoom meeting and learn more about watersheds of the Snohomish County, their protection, rehabilitation, and importance for drinking water, ecosystems and climate.

2021 DNR NW Ground Sprays in Our Watersheds

Please share: Starting July 19, 2021 DNR Northwest Region is spraying public lands in the watersheds of Snohomish, Skagit and Whatcom Counties with commercial products that have Glyphosate and Imazapyr for site preparation before replanting clearcuts. Toxics are regulated by corrupted EPA and WA State Department of Agriculture.

Only focused grassroots civic engagement and action can save our watersheds from consistent toxic contamination and destruction. Only focused grassroots civic engagement and action can save our watersheds from consistent toxic contamination and destruction. Contact for information on how we can save our water and watersheds from toxic flood.

2021 Aerial Spraying by Weyerhaeuser in Snohomish County

This summer, Weyerhaeuser Corporation is planning toxic aerial sprays in the watersheds of the Skykomish and Stillaguamish Rivers covering 102.2 and 288 acres with Glyphosate, Imazapyr, and/or Atrazine and many other ingredients. Sprays can take place any time. Please contact Weyerhaeuser for dates and times of sprays and your other comments and requests 360-424-2014,