Water Stewards Program by NCAP

Snohomish County Community Rights (SCCR) is proud to promote a program by NCAP – Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides: Central Puget Sound Water Stewards.

This community campaign is focused on improving the health of our watersheds and keeping chemical pesticides from entering Puget Sound, by engaging community members on alternative yard care practices. We want you to talk with your neighbors and friends about using less pesticides in their yards! This campaign includes community organizations, cities, counties, watershed management organizations and watershed districts.

Water Steward is such a cool title especially for kids and young people!

You’ll get a $25 gift card for attending a Zoom meeting on October 20, and another $25 gift card if you do the additional neighbor/community outreach.

More Information

The Poison Papers

Web Post

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NextDoor Post

If you’d like to become a water steward and are able to commit to the training and neighborhood outreach, please contact NCAP’s Healthy Wildlife & Water Program Manager, Sharalyn Peterson at speterson@pesticide.org by October 19th, 2022.
We hope to see you at this important event.

Health of people depends on the health of watersheds.

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