Should Nature Have Rights?

Please share: This is an excellent podcast by the Climate One “Should nature have rights?”. Speakers at this event: Rebecca Tsosie, Regents professor of law, University of Arizona; Lindsey Schromen-Wawrin, attorney; Carol Van Strum, writer and activist. We welcome your feedback and thoughts.

One thought on “Should Nature Have Rights?

  1. This is one of the best interviews I have heard in a long while!
    I especially appreciated the depth of understanding Professor Tsosie brought to this conversation speaking through the lens of relationship with Earth’s ecosystems, understanding the responsibilities as well as the rights as humans use the gifts of clean water or air. It’s impressive how Shromen-Wawrin’s background in environmental studies social changes in human culture as well as education of young people – what great additions those views bring to his law work and visioning of what can be created! Their conversation is rich and hopeful. Carol Van Strum’s sharing of life experience going back to the 1970’s when the use of toxic chemicals were being pushed as “modern” and “efficient” in industry of food and timber growing drives home this nation’s habits of making claims without back-up of “safety” and “we’ll feed the world” while they experiment on living systems, the cost of such actions being externalized to those who live in the spray zones. Speaking for life and for the safety of clean adequate water and air, fertile soil and diversity is something Van Strum has been doing for 40 plus years. Who better to speak for the non-human interests of a river and her watershed to have legal representation in courts of law protecting the right to exist, to thrive, to have harms mitigated where possible, to serve as a protective boundary from man’s inability to limit his own extractions not recognizing what’s “enough.”


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