2021 Aerial Spraying by Weyerhaeuser in Snohomish County

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2021 DNR NW Ground Sprays in Our Watersheds

This summer and fall, Weyerhaeuser Corporation is planning toxic aerial sprays in the watersheds of the Skykomish and Stillaguamish Rivers covering 102 and 288 acres with Glyphosate, Imazapyr, and/or Atrazine and many other ingredients. Sprays can take place any time. Please contact Weyerhaeuser for dates and times of sprays and your other comments and requests 360-424-2014, emily.conklin@weyerhaeuser.com.

Forest Practice Application (FPA) for aerial pesticide sprays is valid for 3 years. Sprays can take place any time during those 3 years from the date of approval and may occur multiple times. Ground sprays do not require permits by the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) or notifications.

FPA # 2918090 (288 acres, watershed of the Stillaguamish River) and FPA # 2818091 (102 acres, watershed of the Skykomish River) by Weyerhaeuser.

Spray Information, Maps and FPAs for the Skykomish River Valley Watershed

What to do before, during and after toxic aerial spraying

Watershed Maps

Summary of Toxic Pesticide Spraying on Industrial Timber Plantations

In the Snohomish County and beyond, pesticides are used for residential, timber and agricultural applications. These toxic synthetic chemicals detrimentally affect our watersheds, water, ecosystems, salmon habitat, the Salish Sea, people and climate. Young children and pregnant women are the most sensitive to toxics.

Of 400 pesticides used in residential, timber and agricultural settings across the U.S. watersheds, Glyphosate, Atrazine and 2.4-D are the most popular and have been sprayed for many decades. About 280 million pounds of Glyphosate are used annually only for agriculture, according to an analysis of data estimates from the U.S. Geological Survey. This means that Glyphosate and other pesticides are commonly found in non-organic and even in organic food.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Washington State Department of Agriculture regulate use of chemicals.

The Poison Papers

“Whistleblowers Expose Corruption in EPA Chemical Safety Office”, The Intercept 8-2-2021

“The Department of Yes. How Pesticide Companies Corrupted the EPA and Poisoned America.”, The Intercept 6-30-2021

Clean water and healthy watersheds are highly valuable resources that need deeper consideration and active protection from toxic contamination and destruction. Quality of water and watersheds reflects quality of life. Only focused grassroots civic engagement and action can save our watersheds from consistent toxic contamination and destruction.

Watersheds of the Snohomish County

5 thoughts on “2021 Aerial Spraying by Weyerhaeuser in Snohomish County

  1. I’m just learning about this thru a shared post ina community group. Many in the town of sky are asking what they can do to get involved and help protect our watershed. Suggestions on who we should email?


  2. I thought weyhauser sold/exchanged most of their land in sno, skagit, and chelan counties. That’s why forest service road 62 in goldbar is locked open.


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